Merry Christmas and Happy 2016!

Hey everyone!

The last few months and finally getting this blog up and running have been awesome! But I need to take a little break for the holidays. Lots of traveling and time with family coming up. I’m super excited.

Plus… I’ve got a little spanking time scheduled in there. So I should be very inspired when I get back in 2016. 😀

Thank you so much for reading… hope your holiday is merry and bright, and that 2016 brings you happiness.

xoxoxoxo, Ariel


Switched in the Night, Part One: Meeting Kelly

His bedroom light was on, so Amy stopped the car. She needed him tonight, after a day of complete shit at the office. She needed his hands on her, making her feel solid again.

He had given her a key, so she slipped into the dark house, listening for signs that he was still awake. Derek often fell asleep reading in bed, All she could hear was the hum of the refrigerator. She almost turned around and walked out, but then she heard it… the rhythmic slap, slap, slap of leather on flesh, and the small, low yelps of a women whose voice she did not recognize.

He had company already.

Her heart stopped, then sank. They had never said they were exclusive, but Amy didn’t realize he was still entertaining others. She kind of thought that when they exchanged keys, it was a silent commitment to one another.

To go upstairs and confront him… or to creep out and talk to him tomorrow, when a clearer head would prevail?

She opened the door to slip out, and suddenly the smacking noises upstairs stopped. “I think someone’s in you house…” said a woman’s voice.

“Amy? Is that you?” Derek’s gruff, low voice called down to her. She was caught. And he was caught. They both knew it.

“It’s me.”

“Come up here.”

Her feet felt like led as she took the stairs slowly. She imagined, the other women hiding underneath the bed sheets, or worse, bound to the bed and fully exposed, as Derek often liked her to be when he was spanking her.

Amy’s eyes widened in surprise when she opened Derek’s door. There was another women in the room, but she wasn’t the one tied to the bed. He was.

A tall blond woman in pleather pants, a black tank top, and stiletto boots smiled at her. “You must be Amy.”


“This is Kelly,” said Derek from the bed, and the she spank him quickly with the crop she was holding.

“Did I say you could talk,” she said, her tone icy. She turned to Amy and smiled again, this time warmly, “Sorry about that. Yes, I’m Kelly. I’ve heard about you.”

“I’ve heard nothing about you.” said Amy, with a frown.

Kelly spanked Derek again. “You haven’t told her about me.”

He yelped. “I was going to, I promise.”

She smiled sadistically and handed Amy the crop. “Well I think Amy here should be able to tell what she thinks about that.”

Amy took the crop tentatively. “We aren’t exclusive. It’s really no big deal…”

“Nonsense,” said Kelly, grinning. “Today, he is not in charge. We are. I know you’re used to being on the other end of things… but give this a try. Just one little spank… to start…”

The crop made a whoosh sound as it cut through the air, and a satisfying smack as it connected to the flashy part of Derek’s ass. He grunted.

And in spite of her misgivings, Amy suddenly found herself smiling.

(To be continued…)

Welcome to the Neighborhood, Part Six: Curtains

My cheeks were as red as my lipstick when Collette’s high heels clicked down the hall and back into the kitchen. Gregory moved away from me nonchalantly with a huge grin, and I took a long sip of coffee to stop myself from smiling.

Collette looked back and forth at us, noting the odd expressions on our faces. “What’s the joke? What did I miss?”

“Oh nothing,” said Gregory to his boss. “I was just telling Collette here how demanding some of your clients can be, like Mrs. Lewis.”

“Ah, yes, they certainly can be. Mrs. Lewis is obsessed with her renovation being done on time, and she’s worried that the work won’t be done to her standard while I’m down here instead of supervising. I think I might have to pop back to the city this weekend to calm her down.”

“What about the tile options being delivered here?”

“You can handle that, darling,” said Collete, a wave of the hand. “All you have to do is open the boxes to make sure nothing is broken and then sign for the packages. The Fishers will be over next week to make their selections.”

“I can do that. But will you be okay in New York without me for the weekend?”

“I am a grown woman you know,” said Collete with a smile. “Besides, you should get a little mini vacation while you’re in town. Maybe Ariel here can show you around, take you to the beach.”

Gregory smiled and I melted inside. “I would love that, if you’re up for it.”

“Yeah. Yes. Sure!” I blurted, my face going red again.

“Ariel was just telling me how she needs some help with a few things around the house too. Hanging some curtains I believe?” He raised and eyebrow at me and smirked. I wanted to crawl under the table.

Collette clapped here hands. “Wonderful, then it’s settled. Let’s see… today’s Sunday… I think I will leave for the drive back on Wednesday, and try to return the following Sunday. That should be enough time to make sure Mrs. Lewis doesn’t have a stroke. Gregory, dear, add that to my calendar…”

I felt his eyes burning into me as I finished my coffee and Collette wandered around the kitchen muttering notes to him about tiles and travel plans. I set my mug in the sink. “I really should get back home. I have a lot of unpacking to do.”

“Oh, yes, yes, sorry to keep you dear. Gregory will walk you home.”

“It’s just next door.”

“Nonsense. You can never be too careful.”

We walked over to my front door, and lingered on the porch for a moment.

“It’s been a complete pleasure to meet you, Ariel,” said Gregory, his voice buttery. “I do hope that you were being sincere in offering to show me around while Collette is out of town.”

“Of course. Though I’m new in town too, so I don’t know how good of a tour guide I’ll be.”

“We’ll explore together, then.” God, every time he smiled I wanted to melt. “By the way, just so you know, I think you are just as beautiful with your pants on as you are with them off.”

I put my face in my hands. “That is so embarrassing! I can’t believe you saw me.”

“You’re so cute when you’re flustered,” he said with a chuckle. He gently pulled my hands away from my face and kissed my cheek. “Call me if you need help hanging those curtains, though I won’t promise to be enthusiastic about the task.” He winked as he walked away. “I like having my own private little show.”

(To be continued – read from the beginning here)

7 Things You Need to Know about Bare Bottom Spanking

There’s just nothing quite like the slap of a hand across a bare ass. Mmm, I love it.

I’ve been with men who are fantastic spankers. And I’ve been with men who are… lacking. I know what you’re thinking: It’s just smacking somone’s butt… how can it go wrong?

Oh, my friend… bare bottom spanking can go so wrong!!!

So before you take that first swat, here’s what you need to know about bare bottom spanking, so you both leave the session feeling fulfilled.

1. Bare bottom spanking can be a lot of pressure.

Immediately, you’re talking about a kind of spanking that is more intimate, and that means it is attached to more PRESSURE. The spanker feels pressure to perform. The spankee feels pressure to response well.

Go into the session acknowledging that bare bottom is an intimate experience that you shouldn’t take lightly. Either party should feel comfortable slowing down at any time and pulling up the underwear or stopping completely.

Have these discussions before the session starts and come up with a safe word (something I ALWAYS recommend as one of my top spanking tips) so that if things get emotionally overwhelming there is no miscommunication.

2. If you start hard, you’re going to end too quickly.

No, I don’t mean that kind of hard! :-p

I mean hard spanking – the type of slaps that leave bruises.

You both might love a hard bare bottom spanking, but here’s the thing: you gotta start out slow. If you don’t, the session is going to be over way too quickly! This is the case with most types of spanking, but I find that bare bottom sessions get out of control too quickly, perhaps because of that nice satisfying thawk of skin on skin.

Instead of starting hard, start with soft spanks, grabs, or even little pinches. Get the blood flowing to the butt, so it slowly turns a nice toasty red. Trust me, any bottom out there is going to be able to take a better, longer, harder beating if you warm up first.

3. Over-the-knee isn’t always the best.

Bare bottom lovers like me tend to gravitate to over-the-knee spanking… and it’s an awesome experience. But it isn’t the only position.

In fact, sometimes over-the-knee (OTK) just doesn’t work.

I remember one time in particular when I was doing a bare bottom spanking with a new boyfriend, and we quickly discovered that his lap just wasn’t big enough. He felt uncomfortable, I felt fat, and we both felt awkward.

So instead, we switched it up and he had me grab my ankles to start, then he bent me over the kitchen table for some harder spanks. It was great! So sometimes you just have to stop trying to make OTK happen. There are other positions to explore. :)

4. Vary the spanks.

Bare bottom gives you the awesome opportunity to play with the sense of touch, more than other other type of spanking. So if you are the spanker, use that to your advantage! Spank, then pat… Spank, then tickle… Spank, than grab..

You get the idea.

Mix things up so it is just spank, spank spank (at least at first).

5. Bare bottom spanking once doesn’t give implied consent forever.

This kind of goes back to my first point… bare bottom spanking can be extremely intimate, and you might not want to do it all the time. It doesn’t matter if you are the spanker or the spankee… if you aren’t in the mood, tell your partner no.

Just because you were in the mood previously doesn’t mean you are consenting to bare bottom spanking every single time you see one another.

Spanking can easily put someone in a weird spot. If you are more submissive, you might feel an urge to please the other person, even though it is not what you want. By if you are the dominant partner, you might feel an urge to take care of your sub’s needs, even though it is not what you want. D/s relationships are weird like that!

So, I recommend taking some time to reflect on what you want before a spanking session, and make sure you are doing it because you want to, not because you’re trying t please your partner. Trust me, your partner would probably be horrified if he/she knew that you weren’t really into it!

6. Talk about sexual contact before the spanking begins.

Bare bottom spanking means that you’ll have easy access to other parts of the body… namely, the naughty bits.

I personally love a little fingering mixed in with my bare bottom spanking, if I’m wither someone I know and trust.

But you might just want the spanking. And that is perfect normal and okay!

Talk to your spanking partner about what zones/activities are fair game and what are no-touch zones. Make sure you respect your partner’s wishes at all times, and remember, minds can change mid-spank.

7. Last but not least…

Have fun! Spanking doesn’t have to be serious business. It can be silly, sexy, fun, and remember, no spank is perfect… and no booty is perfect! Smile at the birthmark, laugh at the little relaxed toot that slips out, giggle together when a particularly hard spank makes something filthy come out of the spankee’s mouth.

Honestly sometimes I think spanking couples are just… trying too hard! This is supposed to be fun, not a chore, and definitely not something to stress over. :)

Tell me about your favorite time you’ve been bare-bottom spanked or your favorite time you have bare-bottom spanked someone else – leave a comment!

Spanking With A Stranger: My Best 5 Tips!

Usually, I write erotica here on My Spanking Stories, but occasionally someone asks me a question about spanking or BDSM that I answer here on the blog, so it can help as many people as possible.

Today’s question: What’s the best way to get spanked by a stranger?

Let’s face it: not all of us are in relationships or have friends who are into BDSM. So if you have that craving, that urge, that need to get spanked… you might not know the other person very well!

And hey, that’s okay :)

You can find people to spank you online on advertisement sites like Craigslist, at public dungeons/BDSM clubs, at munches (local meetings of people into BDSM), on dating sites, through friends of friends, etc.

I like to think for every spank-ee, there’s a spank-er out there just waiting to give you a good swat!

But if you’re going to be spanked by a stranger… let me give you a few tips…

1. Spank safely, first and foremost.

Whenever you meet someone you don’t know for anything, that worst thing you could do is just get into their car and go back to their place. This is especially important if you’re a sub meeting a dom (male or female). Most doms out there are super nice, caring, wonderful people. But some are not. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you could get assaulted.

So, meeting him or her in public first. Have a little date, even if you know that isn’t not a romantic thing. Get to know each other. Best case scenario, go somewhere public for the spanking (a lot of BDSM clubs and munches allow this).

But if you can’t, at the very least make sure that someone you know and trust has the address where you’re be and knows when you will be done with your date to call him/her. Drive your own car there, so the person doesn’t have the opportunity to take you somewhere else, and if you get a creepy vibe, leave.

I definitely do not recommend getting tied up for a spanking with a stranger, unless you will be somewhere public or with friends. You don’t want to be in a situation where someone can overpower you easily and just has his/her way.

2. Talk about pain tolerance before the spanking starts.

Your version of “I like a lot of pain” might be very different from someone else’s version, so it’s important to articulate as much as possible.

Talk about the implements used for the spanking. What is fair game? For example, I’m find with hands, paddles, wooden spoons, and riding crops, but not old with belts, whips, switches – basically anything that could potentially cut me or leave a big welt really easily.

How much spanking to you like? Are you okay with your bottom turning red? What about purple?

The best thing to do is to have the spanker start with light taps and work his/her way up to harder spanks until your pain threshold is reached.

3. Set clear body boundaries.

Unfortunately, I’ve found that a lot of people mistake a craving for spanking with a craving for sex. Sometimes I just want to be spanked!

It’s okay if you want sex too, or at least a little sexual contact. What’s important is that you talk to the stranger who will be spanking you about this before you even meet up.

First, talk about your level of undress. It is perfectly find to be spanked fully clothed if that’s what is comfortable for you. My personal preference when I’m being spanked by someone I don’t know well is a panty (not a thong). I’m covered, but the material is still really thin, so it doesn’t muffle the spanks as much as pants.

Also talk about where you want to be spanked. The bum is the obvious place of course, but you might also like being spanked on your thighs, tits, feet, etc. And if you want sexual contact, your pussy is an option too.

If the person you’re meeting is new to spanking, I recommend sticking to the fleshy part of the butt. No one should ever spank on on your lower back, hips, back of knees, or tailbone, because this could cause serious lasting medical problems, and other areas of the body can be tricky too.

Don’t be afraid to say something if you want the spanking to just be a spanking, or if you don’t want someone’s hands touching you. It’s YOUR body. If that person isn’t cool with your rules, you can find someone who is.

4. Have a safe word… and use it.

This is a good rule of thumb for any BDSM activity. A safe word is something that you’ll say if you want the spanking to stop. We use safe words, because sometimes the word “no” or “stop” will pop out during an especially hard spank or it will be part of the game if you are role playing.

A safe word is something easy to remember that you wouldn’t typically say during a spanking. The traditional safe word that people use is “red” (as in “red light”) but you can come up with whatever is easiest for you to remember. I like red because it is also really easy to remember “yellow” which means “keep going, but slow things down a little.”

Make sure it is very clear to the stranger who will be spanking you that if you say the agreed upon safe word, everything stops immediately. If it continues, it does so without your consent and it is assault.

5. Think about after care before the session.

Spanking can be a really intimate experience. It actually might surprise you how close you feel to the other person after being spanked, even though you might not know them well. If you just pull up your pants and leave, you might experience a significant mood swing known as “sub drop.”

I’ve felt it before and believe me, it is NOT fun.

You go from being submissive and the complete focus of someone’s attention… to being nothing. Suddenly, it feels like they don’t care about you anymore. It’s a bad feeling.

So, to combat this, talk to the person about how the session will end. Maybe you’re hang out a little and cuddle. Or maybe you’ll just talk about the experience a little before you go your separate ways. Or maybe you’ll watch someone else being spanked, together.

Even if you don’t think you’ll have a problem with these emotions, definitely talk about how you’ll physically take care of yourself afterward. I like arnica gel or cream, which is a natural pain reliever. And, I like to lay down a little after a spanking, since sitting to drive home can be uncomfortable. :)

In case you haven’t noticed, most of these tips boil down to one thing: Make sure you have really good communication with your partner!

Just because you don’t know him or her well, doesn’t mean that you can’t speak about your desires and make sure you are on the same page at every step along the way. That way, your spanking session can go really well, even if you’ve just met.

Welcome to the Neighborhood, Part Five: Coffee

It took me nearly an hour to work up the nerve to knock on my neighbor’s door. His house was impressive, brick, the kind you owned, not a rental like mine. It was at the end of a row of townhouses, each looking more stately and expensive than the last.

He’s either got family money or invented Instagram or something, I thought to myself, glad I had chosen my brightest red lipstick for the occasion. I tried to look casual in my skinny jeans and “just-threw-it-on” black and pink striped t-shirt, but in actuality, it had taken me at least an hour digging through my unpacked boxes to find the perfect outfit. Pin-up-y, but not so put-together that he’d think this was anything more than my normal style.

I don’t know why, but I didn’t want him to think I was dressing up for him.

I knocked, willing myself not to be too tentative.

“Who is it?” called a female voice from inside. What the…

“Um… it’s Ariel? I just moved in next door…”

A middle-aged blonde woman opened the door. “Well isn’t this nice? It isn’t every day that someone from the apartments takes the time to introduce themselves. Usually, they are too transient to bother. Well, come in, darling. I’m Collette. Have a cup of coffee with me and my assistant.”

“I don’t want to intrude…”

“Nonsense. Gregory here was just making a fresh pot. Gregory, meet Ariel. She just moved in next door and came over to say hello. Isn’t that nice of her?”

“Charming,” the shaggy-haired guy who had been watching me smirked, trying not to laugh, and shook my hand. I shot him a look as Collete turned to get me a mug. “What do you do, Ariel?”

“I’m a writer,” I said, pausing because I wasn’t sure how much to tell the two about myself. Freelancing was a fun career, but not exactly stable, and I didn’t want to make a bad impression.

“Oh, that’s nice, Ariel darling, do you write novels?”

I pursed my lips. “I do blogging, mostly, and social media.”

“Ah,” said Collette handing me a steaming hot cup of coffee. “That is a world I do not know well, but Gregory is quite the tweeter.”

It was my turn to smirk.

“And what do you do?” I asked Collette.

“I design kitchens. In New York, usually, but this is the family summer home, so I am here for a few months on a working vacation.”

“I see. Well you certainly do beautiful work, if this house is any indication.”

“Thank you, darling,” she said, smiling graciously. The phone in Gregory’s hand rang. “Is that Mrs. Lewis? Will you excuse me a moment?”

Collette floated into the other room, answering her phone, and I tried not to make eye contact with Gregory, who was even more handsome up close. I was afraid I would smile, but I wanted him to think I was angry. I was angry. Well, at least a little annoyed.

He walked behind me to the coffee machine to refill out mugs, and I felt his hand brush against the small of my back, making me tingle.

“You’re welcome,” he said into my ear.

“For what?” I turned to look at him. “This is so embarrassing!”

“For inviting you over to say hello instead of telling Miss Collette that we have a pervert next door.” He took a sip of coffee. “She is obsessed with what she called the transient population of this neighborhood. Old money, you know. Doesn’t like it that there are renters within 5 miles of her, let alone a stone’s throw away.”

“You could have at least warned me.”

“Now where’s the fun in that?” he asked with a smile. “Besides, I thought it would be a good idea for us to meet while Miss Collette was home.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because otherwise,” he said, leaning close to whisper in my ear, “I would be very tempted to bend you over this counter top right now and spank you for being such a bad girl yesterday.”

(To be continued – read from the beginning here)

Guest Post: Captured

This post is from Rori Sweet. It was originally published on Between My Sheets and is republished here with permission.

Trigger warning: This story contains consensual rape play.

My eyes shot open as I woke, and a dimly lit room came slowly into focus. No, not a room. A…barn? I fought the urge to panic. Where am I? What the fuck is going on? My mind was hazy and my head throbbing. The last thing I remember was walking to my car after work…

I was tied with rough rope. A gag filled my mouth and I looked down to see that my breasts were tied and my legs had been positions spread eagle, bent at the knees.

I quickly repositioned myself, legs closed, and shuddered. Who had been looking at me. Who had been touching me? I looks around but my clothes were nowhere to be seen, and when I tried to call out, the gag only fell deeper into my dry mouth.

Don’t panic, don’t panic, don’t…

Fuck, I was panicking. I tried to scream out again, this time managing a gurgled cry, and the door swung open.

“Look who’s awake.”

I would know that voice anywhere. I looked up to see my co-worker, Dean, saunter into the room, dick in his hand. I had recently been promoted over him, and that hadn’t sat well at all. The disgust at having to report to me was written all over Dean’s face every time we were in a meaning. But this…I didn’t realize just how badly my promotion had upset him. Or what his twisted mind had decided to do about it.

He stroked his cock absentmindedly as he walked over to me, and I couldn’t help but stare. Dean was an arrogant asshole, but I had…more than once…daydreamed during meetings what it would be like to have him gag me with his cock, fuck me hard on the boss’ desk, spank me as he bent me over the conference table.

Fuck. I was wet already. I shouldn’t be wet, I thought as Dean walked over to me, cock in hand. I should be terrified.

“Let me see that pussy, slut.”

I ignored his stare, keep my legs firmly closed. Despite being extremely attracted to my captor, I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of knowing that.

“What,now your twat is shy? It was so welcoming just a few hours when my fingers were deep inside you,” Dead said with a evil smile.

God…he did violate me when I was still passed out.

“Well, no matter. You will learn to listen to me if you ever want to get out of here.”

I met Dean’s stare in a panic. He wasn’t planning on letting me go any time soon, if at all. So how much should I struggle…and how much should I just let him have his way so I could get out sooner…or at all…

Dean grabbed a handful of my hair and ripped me to my feet. He tweaked one of my nipples, making me squeal into the gag.

“Your arms must be getting awful sore tied like that, huh, sweetheart?” he cooed into my ear from behind, one hand cupping my ass as the other encircled my waist. “Do you think you could be a good girl if I untied you?”

I nodded vigorously. If he unties me, maybe I can…

“Just in case you’re thinking about getting away, let me tell you where you are right now. No secrets among friends, right?” He snickered. “We’re at my mountain ranch. You know, up in Tremount County? This barn and farmhouse sit on about 50 acres of land, and the nearest ranger’s station is about 20 miles from here. So good luck getting very far…especially dressed like this.” He smacked my ass, hard as he untied my wrists.

“Come now, my pretty little slut…I want to see if you pussy as is inviting to my cock as it was to my fingers.”

An hour later, my pussy and breasts was aching from abuse. He had led me to a table and retied my hands to post on either side of the table. I tried to keep my legs closed at the knees, but when I wouldn’t give his cock easy access, he grunted and tied my ankles to the posts too.

Then, leaving my already wet pussy fully exposed, he took his times tying my breasts even tighter with another piece of rough, brown rope. His fingers grazed my nipples constantly as he worked. He stopped for a moment to gently stroke his cock and lay it against my face. I turned my face to the side, but I couldn’t avoid it on my cheek.

“Come now,” he said, slapping my breasts so hard that I winced, “Look how perky and excited your tits are. Surely you can’t be totally turned off by my dick.”

He walked around to my pussy, leaned in and took a long lick, up my entire slit.

“Oh, no, you definitely aren’t turned off.”

He positions his cock, just barely in me, tracing a finger from my belly button to my clit. “You know you want it. Don’t you want me to fuck you, sweetheart?”

I refused to meet his gaze, instead closing my eyes and trying to mentally disassociate with what was going on, to will my pussy not to get any wetter and give him the satisfaction of knowing how turned on I was.

“Come on now, open your eyes, my pet, or there will be consequences.” He reached up and grabbed one of nipples between two fingers, pinching harder and harder until I opened my eyes. A tear slipped out of the corner of my eye and ran down my face as I angrily met his stare.

“Wow, if looks could kill,” he said with a chuckle, giving my nipple one final, hard pinch. “Well, I guess if looks could kill, I wouldn’t be here doing this…”

He plunged into me, his hard cock balls deep in my pussy, and I gasped into the gag. He started thrusting steadily, and I couldn’t stop myself from moaning.

“You feel so good, sweetheart. I knew that pussy of yours would love my dick. Let’s see how hard I can get you to cum, you want that?”

He wasn’t looking at my face anymore for confirmation to his question, but god, yes I wanted that. I was already soaking, and his even, deep thrusts in me were perfectly hitting my g-spot. He licked his fingers, reached down, and split my lips to find my clit as he pumped into me. He pinched my clit like he had pinched my nipples just moments before, but this time, I didn’t tear up. I wanted it harder, harder, harder. He kept fucking me with the same steady rhythm, slapped my clit hard, and then began rubbing it furiously.

Oh god, oh god, he’s going to make me cum, oh god…

Suddenly, I was exploding, squirting all over him. He didn’t stop.

“That’s right, sweetheart, let it all out. More, more, more…”

I was screaming into my gag, my body straining against the rope as he continued to fuck me and rub my sore clit.

Oh god, I’m going to…

And with that I was coming again, my eyes rolling back into my head, and my back arching.

“Again, you fucking slut.”

He didn’t stop, not even for a second. My juices soaked him and the table, and my legs wanted nothing more than to snap shut to stop him from touching my pussy, which was so sensitive I felt like I was going to pass out. I looked into his eyes, trying to plead with him to stop, but he didn’t. He only smiled.

“I said AGAIN.”

He slapped my pussy hard and held his cock in me as he rubbed my clit faster and faster.

“I’m not stopping until you cum again for me,” he said, his demeanor no longer playful. “You think this is a fucking joke?”


“You’re my slut now, and you’ll do as I say. And I say, you cum again right fucking now.”

He pulled his cock out of me and plunged two fingers in, then three, then four. He bent down and sucked my clit hard as he thrust his fingers in me. I came again, bucking hard against the rope.

“Good.” He stood up and slapped my pussy. “Next time, you better do what I say a little faster, or I’m not going to be so nice.”

His cock was in me again, but I didn’t care. I was out of breath, moaning quietly into the gag as he fucked me hard. I was just happy that he wasn’t rubbing my clit anymore.

“I was going to give you the reward of my cum deep inside you, but I don’t think you deserve that this time. Clench your pussy around me slut. Get me nice and hard so I can cum all over your tits instead.” He slapped my clit hard, making me help. “I said clench. NOW.”

I did my best, tightening my muscles, and I felt him thrust deep inside me a few more times before pulling out and walking around to my breasts. He wiped his cock on my face, my own juices across my cheek.

“I’m going to fuck that pretty little mouth later, don’t you worry. But for now…”

He groaned as he stroked his cock a few times, then shot huge spurts of cum on my breasts.

“Don’t you dare touch that,” he said sternly as he untied my ankles and wrists and pulled me to my feet. “That’s to remind you that you need to listen to me.” My legs were shaking as he led me back to the stall where I had first woke up.

“Sit,” he commanded, and I was too tired to resist. He left my ankles untied, but looped my wrists together and to a metal hook embedded in the wall, with just enough room that I could lie down on the cold floor.

“Sleep now, sweetheart. I’ll be back soon.”

I wanted to look for a way out. I wanted to work on the ropes, to try to escape. But he jabbed me with a needle and I felt myself slipping back into unconsciousness.


I awoke a few hours later to find my gag removed. I tried to scream, but all that escaped was a horse croak. My foot kicked against something, and I looked down to see a dog bowl filled with water.

Fuck you, I thought. The last thing I wanted to do was to lap water from a bowl like a fucking dog…but my head was pounding and I knew I was dehydrated. I bent down and sipped the water with as much dignity as I could manage, and of course before finished, I heard the door bang open.

“My little puppy slut.”

“Fuck you, Dean,” I said, looking him in the eye as I sat up.

“You kiss your mama with that mouth?”

I didn’t give him the satisfaction of a reply.

“You think you can behave better today?”

I stared at the floor.

“Okay, well if you’re going to be a bitch about things…”

He untied me from my cell, but before I could escape, he had my wrists bound behind my back again. He pushed me to a hay bail in the middle of the barn floor and I fell on it on my knees, my face against the rough burlap. I heard his pants unzip as I struggled to sit up, but he held me down.

“Bitches get fucked like they deserve. You’re a bitch in heat, so that’s how I’m going to treat you.”

“Fuck y-”

Before I could finish, I was crying out, Dean’s thick cock inside me, already half-hard. He grabbed the ropes tying my arms together and pulled me up, my breast swaying as he fucked me.They were still sticky from the night before, his cum dried across them.

“Shut up and made me cum.”

I screamed as he fucked me fast and hard, half because I hoped someone would hear me and half because it felt so good. In less than a minute, he was fully hard, plunging deep into me. I thought about all of those times I snuck to the bathroom to masturbate after a heated argument with Dean at work. In my fantasies, he had been good…but being tied, being forced…

God, am I really going to cum again?

He pulled up of my pussy and pressed against my asshole.

“Tell me that you want it.”

“Fuck you, you bastard.”

He smacked my ass hard and bent down to reach around my throat. His hard cock throbbed against me as he pulled me close to him and spoke in a growl.

“Tell me the truth, you fucking slut. Tell me how much you want me to fuck your dirty asshole.”

I gulped, feeling his fingers close around my throat.

“NOW,” He whispered harshly into my ear. The head of his cock, pushing into me, not caring that I was trying to resist, trying to clench, trying to keep him out. “You want my dick deep in your ass, don’t you?”

I tried to catch my breath, my heart pounding as he choked me, “Yes.”

“Say it LOUDER,” he said, releasing his grip slightly.


The tip of his cock was in me, and I bit my lip to stop from screaming.

“Yes, WHAT?”

I hesitated, and his grip around my neck tightened again.

“Yes, I want you to fuck my ass,” I spit the words like venom.

“Good, because that’s what I’m going to do whether you like it or not,” He said, pushing deeper in me, and beginning to thrust. “In fact, your ass it the perfect place for my cum.”

He only thrusted a few more times before I felt him burst in me, shooting cum deep in my ass. I tried to cry out, but he was strangling me, and it was all I could do to gasp for air. He released my neck as he finished cumming and I my face hit burlap again. I gulped at the air. He pulled out of me, but replaced his cock with a fat anal plug that make me involuntarily scream as he shoved it in.

“I have that made especially for you,” he said, smacking my ass. “It’s the same lenth as my cock, so I know you like it.” He pulled me to my feet. “And that way you can keep my cum deep in your slutty asshole as we go on a little field trip.”

I squinted as he pushed me outside, the bright morning light burning my eyes. I gingerly stepped over rocks and sticks as he led me down a trail and into the woods, my ass crying out for the plug to be removed, but my hands still bound and unable to do anything about it. Before long, the trees gave way to a clearing, where a small house stood. He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, carrying me up the stairs and into the house.

Jesus Christ, his arms are strong.

Inside, he set me down in what I can only assume was his bedroom. The plug was still deep in my ass, and I groaned as he wiggled it.

“You want to get out of here, don’t you sweetheart?”

“Of course I do.”

“Then I have one more job for your tight little holes. If you do well, you can go. I’ll even give you your dress back.” He smiled. “Cali!”

A tall brunette walked into the room wearing an impressive strap-on.

Dean pulled the plug out of my ass suddenly and I gasped. “You’re going to fuck my maid, Cali, right here. Deep in your ass. And if you do it well enough, I might be persuaded to let you leave.”

I wanted to resist, but more than I wanted to tell Dean to fuck off, I wanted my ass to be filled again. I wanted to fuck Cali’s huge strap-on cock. I wanted her to gape me wide open. He had captured me and brought me here against my will…and I wanted to stay. I could feel Dean’s cum from earlier leaking out of me, running down my leg. God, I wanted him to fill me again.

But it was Cali, not Dean, who walked over and kissed me. She untied me, and Dean sunk into a chair in the corner, cock in hand, and watched me hungrily kiss her back. I had never been with a woman before…but as I looked at Dean stroking his cock while staring at our naked bodies, I wanted to make him happy.

Cali tried to take things slow, but before long, I had her on her back and was sinking onto her cock. It was deep in my ass, and I groaned, still sore from earlier.

“You’ll have to do better than that, sweetheart. Or I’m going to keep you here until you get it right.”

I looked deep into Dean’s eyes, the man I was trying so hard to hate, and licked my lips as I rode Cali’s cock. My breasts bounced, and I moaned, grabbing them with both hands, and licking them. The salty remnants of Dean’s cum hit my lips and I began to breath heavily as I fucked my own ass. Cali disappeared from my mind, and it was just Dean and me. His eyes were locked with mine.

“That’s right, slut. Get it.”

I bounced harder, moving my hips in time with Cali’s thrusts into me, and cried out. Dean stood and walked over to me, taking my face in his hands and kissing me hard.

“You’re so fucking hot.”

I cried out and came hard, squirting as he pinched both nipples and Cali’s cock filled my ass.

“Fuck me, Dean. Please fuck me.”

He threw me on my back, and Cali left the room. I gasped as he thrust into me, fucking me hard for just a few minutes before cumming hard. He held me tight as his cum filled my pussy and I moaned with pleasure. Our bodies were intertwined, and he collapsed on the bed beside me, his half-hard cock still inside me.

We fell asleep like that, in one another’s arms.


I awoke a few hours later when Dean stirred. He nuzzled my hair and kissed my head, both of us still half-asleep.

“We really need to do this more often.”

“What if someone at the office finds out?”

He smiled that boyish grin that I love so much. “Then they can be jealous. Besides, it’s been, what? Three months now? And the only one who found out was Cali…and she’s been more than happy along.”

“I’ll probably be walking to my car alone again next Friday night,” I said, curling closer to him.

Dean stretched and put his arms around me. “It’s a date.”

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Welcome to the Neighborhood, Part Four: You’re So Fine

I remember the first time I ever met Micky.

It was freshman year, and I was attending my first English club meeting. I knew I wanted to be a writer, even since I was a little girl. I guess I’m lucky that way!

As expected, the only people who showed up to the Saturday night meeting were people who seemed to be like me. Studious. A little dorky. Fun, but definitely not sad they were missing an opportunity to party on a weekend night. Instead, they were happy to sit around and talk about books, as was I. I wondered if any of them were a little jealous of the party girls, though. I was. I didn’t have the courage to venture out to one of the frat parties happening (it was rush week after all), but I kind of wished I was there, as much as I loved talking poetry.

Then, in rolled Micky.

If you would have told me that someday he’s be fucking me from behind while I was gagged with his roommate’s cock, I would have laughed at you, maybe even slapped you. He flew in the door, the world like a tornado around him, probably already filled with a few drinks, ready to debate poetry in a drunken slur The club’s president, a senior who looked like her idea of fun was organizing her romance novel collection, was blatantly annoyed that Micky was there, stealing the attention away from her Emily Dickinson presentation, but the rest of us were swooning. At first, It confused the hell out of me why Mickey would give up a Saturday night to debate literature with a bunch of girls, but as the weeks wore on, it started to make sense. At one of the parties on campus, he was in competition with every other drunk guy that went to our school, and guys usually outnumbered girls on our campus two to one, since our school’s major draw was the engineering program, still dominated by men when I was in college (and still is to this day, though thankfully that is getting a little better).

But here Micky was, in a room of thirty to forty people, mostly girls and mousey guys who had even less confidence than I did. He was the star of the show, and always left with his pick of lady, usually one of the seniors.

By the end of the semester, I think he had even taken the club president home.

It was ingenious.

But I never though he’d pick me.

I thought about that as his cock filled my pussy, drilling into me so hard that he had to pull out more than once and slow down, just to keep himself from cumming too soon. He paused for a moment, inside me, and I shivered. His cock really was as huge as I imagined in my fantasies, and it was perfectly grazing my g-spot the way no one had before.

Thankfully, Luke was more on the average side, so taking him down my throat wasn’t a problem. He thrust slowly, enjoying himself, my tongue bouncing against his balls as he moved completely into my mouth.

Their two friends, Ruler Guy and Red Shirt Guy, as I had come to think of them in my head, were openly masturbating at this point while watching us. I knew they were wishing they could be in Mickey’s place right now, and I liked that feeling. I wanted them to be jealous. It was powerful, being desired. The drinks had worn off, but never once did I feel out of control or like I regretted getting into this situation. I was fully enjoying every second of it, being watched and so completely wanted.

Micky slapped my already burning ass and pulled me by my hips, guiding me slowly down onto his cock. He moved, sitting on the edge of the bed, and pulled m onto his lap backward, so I was fully sitting on his cock. I cried out, and it echoed through the room since Luke’s cock was no longer in my mouth. My tits bounced as I rode him, gasping with each thrust. I watched the other three guys rubbing their hard ons, and exploded with a scream. Ruler Guy came hard too, just as I did, filling his hand with sticky juices, and Luke followed pretty quickly. Red Shirt guy licked his lips, leaned back, closed his eyes, and came as well.

“Three… down…” I said panting. Mickey was still thrusting hard into my swollen, sore pussy.

He wrapped his arms around me, caressing a breast softly with each hand. “Oh I’m not done with you. The night is young,” he whispered in my ear. “But you guys, you gotta go. Luke, can you stay at Kelly’s tonight.”

“Yeah man.” The three were already pulling on their pants. “Call me when it’s clear to come home.”

“Don’t wait up.”

(To be continued – read from the beginning here)

Welcome to the Neighborhood, Part Three: Hey Micky

Micky lived in one of the older dorm buildings on campus, which meant the rooms has a dank almost dungeon-like feel. On the plus side, they were bigger than the rooms in some of newer dorms, where they were clearly trying to squeeze more people into every building.

It was as clean as one can expect for a guy’s room. At least his bed wasn’t lofted like Luke’s was. Not that we wouldn’t have made it work…

Because now that it left the station, nothing was going to slow down this train.

I was kissing him again before the door even shut behind us.

“Do you think any of your friends will be man enough to join us?” I asked.

Micky laughed. “When did you turn into such the kinky sex kitten?”

“Maybe I’ve always been this way and you just haven’t noticed.” I wiggled my eyebrows at him. My heart was racing. I was so glad I decided to have a few drinks to calm my nerves, but also glad I hadn’t had so much that I wasn’t able to make good decisions. No one likes a sloppy drunk in bed.

“Well the door is unlocked in case anyone cares to join us. But I am kinda hoping to get you all to myself, at least for a little while.”

“Tonight, I’m all yours,” I purred into his ear. “The others only get to watch and be jealous.”

By the time Luke showed up with two other guys from the team, Mickey’s tongued deep in my pussy, and I was writing on the bed. “Oh shiiiit,” I heard one of them say. I just smiled and ran my fingers through Micky’s hair. Luke’s bed creaked as one of the guys crawled up there for a bird’s eye view.

“You sure you’re good with this,” Micky whispered into my ear.

“Absolutely,” I said, kissing him and tasting my own juices on his lips. “As long as you are.”

“Bad girl.”

“If I’m so bad, maybe you should spank me.”

“Spank her, Mick, make that ass red,” said the guy in the lofted bed with a grunt. I wondered if he was already hard, watch us.

I flipped on my stomach and got on all fours, wiggling my ass in the air. “I’ve been baaaaad.”

“Oh fuuuck,” said Micky. He slowly pushed one finger inside me, then two. I clenched around them. And then…


I yelped as he lightly spanked my ass, fingers still inside me. I went down on elbows so my head was on the pillow and my bottom was in the air. “Mmmm, more.”

Micky smiled. “You like that, don’t you?”

“Mmm, yes, sir.”

“Such a bad, bad girl.” I felt his fingers moving in me again and I moved back against them. “Oh, fucking yourself with my fingers, huh? You like that, baby?”

I moaned.

“I think she likes that,” said Luke.

I looked over at him and smiled at the clear hard on tenting his shorts. “I think you like that too.”

“You know I do. Mind if I join in?”

“Tonight, I’m all Micky’s,” I said with a sly smile. “But maybe if you ask him nicely, he’ll let you take a swat.”

“God damn you like being spanked, don’t you?” said Micky with a smile. “Come get it, boys.”

They were suddenly all on me, taking turns spanking me hard. Luke had a firm swat that thumped and made me gasp. Their friend in the red shirt liked to linger with his spanks, grabbing a handful of ass with every swat. Their other friend, in the black grabbed a ruled from Luke’s desk; it had a delicous slappy quality, and he used it on my bottom and lightly on my thighs. All the while, Micky’s fingers were inside me, moving slowly at first, then speeding up as I got wetter. Soon, I was panting and nearly screaming for more

Their neighbor banged on the wall and we all laughed.

“I’m going to have to gag you if you can’t be quiet,” teased Micky.

“There’s only one things I need gagging me right now,” I said teasing him right back.

No sooner had I said that, and Micky had slipped out from beneath me and was in front of me unzipping his pants. His cock was huge. It was no wonder why every girl wanted to be with him.

The boys kept spanking me, and I took the tip of Micky’s cock in my mouth, swirling softly with my tongue. His precum was already on my lips, and his cock was super hard. I popped him out of my mouth with a slurp and smiled up at him. “You aren’t going to explode yet, are you baby?”

Micky groaned. “You make it hard not to.”

Luke spanked me especially hard and I yelped. “You better gag me, if you think you can handle it.”

He grinned, grabbed a handful of hair, and guided his cock down my throat. Little moans and grunts escaped his lips as I sucked and cried out around his cock whenever one of the guys spanked me. My ass felt nice and red. God, I wanted someone in me right now. I was dripping wet.

I could feel Luke’s cock brushing against my leg, “accidentally,” so I positioned myself to rub again him. Their friend with the ruler kept getting closer and closer to my pussy, and their other friend had his hand down his pants, rubbing himself as he watched me suck Micky’s cock.

“That pussy looks so wet,” said Micky, groaning.

“You want to fuck it, don’t you,” I said, licking his cock.

“Oh fuck yes.”

“Only one problem. I didn’t know your cock was so huge. If you’re fucking me, I’m going to be screaming. I’m going to need to be gagged with something… or someone…” I wiggled me eyebrows again. “Your call how that gets accomplished.”

“Oh my god, is this even real life right now?” groaned their red-shirt friend.

(To be continued – read from the beginning here)

Welcome to the Neighborhood, Part Two: Cum Over

“Beg for it,” he hissed into my ear. A crowd was starting to grow around us, but I didn’t care.

“Please, daddy. Please spank me.”


“You like that?”

“Yes,” I gasped, my bottom stinging as he smacked it again and again.

6 Days Earlier

My mortification from the day before was punctuated with excitement. After the movers left, I quickly found myself “breaking in” the new apartment with a little self-love. And then… I had been caught by the incredibly handsome boy next door.

He had smirked as he watched me rub my pussy and read the moans on my lips. Which I finally noticed him… I froze.

I pulled the sheet around myself and darted into the bathroom.

I stood there for a few moments in the dark before peeking out. He couldn’t still be there, could he?

He wasn’t. It was just an empty room. I sighed. Thank god.

But the next morning, he was there again. I rolled over and opened my eyes, and there he was, sipping his coffee and staring at me, in my tank top and booty shorts, from what looked like a home office. He waved with a grin.

I buried my face in my pillow. How embarrassing. I had to get the curtains hung today.

Trying not to make eye contact, my face bright red, I bee-lined for the bathroom where I grabbed my robe. This time, when I peaked out, he was still there. He waved again, and help up a piece of paper with something written on it.

I squinted to read it.

“Come over and say hi? I made coffee.”

My gut reaction was to crawl under a rock, but he was cute. He had one of those faces that you new was completely boyish underneath some weekend scruff, and even though it was a Sunday morning, he was dressed in a sharp-looking suit and tie.

So I nodded, and he gave me a cheesy thumbs up before leaving the room. I grabbed some jeans and a blouse from my closet and got dressed in the bathroom.

What could one cup of coffee hurt?

Besides, we were going to be neighbors; we might has well be friendly.

I tried not to think about him catching me masturbating the night before, but if I’m being completely honest, whenever it invaded my mind, my heart started to race a little and my nipples hardened.

There was something freaking hot about someone else watching…

It reminded me of that night in college…

Throughout my entire college career, I was the goodie-goodie who studied, studied, studied, with barely enough time to go to the mall with friends, let alone go to parties. In fact, I think I only had friends because they needed a study buddy, and I was really reliable. My grades were awesome. My social life not so much.

So when I was a senior, I decided that my goal was to get out of my shell a little… to live before I had to actually enter “real life.”

Plus… there was Micky.

Micky was easily the dreamiest guy on campus, at least in my eyes. We were both English majors, so we had several classes together, and I remember trying my best to sit near him or be a part of his team for group projects.

My roommates, (yes mates, I had three of them!) had a constant stream of guys coming into our on-campus apartment, but I didn’t often bring dates home, mostly because I didn’t go on dates. In fact, my “list” of guys I’d fucked at that time was pretty short, consisting of one high school boyfriend, one summer fling with a guys from my old neighborhood, and one guy I was briefly dating for about four months during my junior year. Pathetic for a sex blogger, I know!

I remember day-dreaming about how I wanted to take Micky home and pull him into me. One time, I found myself thinking about it during class and I was so wet that I was afraid there would be a spot on the chair when I stood up.

Micky had no lack of ladies by his side at any given time, but not a single one of them had anything bad to say about him. With Micky, you knew what you were going to get: a good time, but no relationship. If you weren’t okay with that, he didn’t mess around with you.

We flirted like mad, but he never asked me to hang out outside of class… until one day when I mentioned to him that was was going to a popular bar near our college after class to celebrate my roommate’s 21st birthday.

“I love that bar,” he said running his hands through his perfectly messy hair. “Maybe you’ll still be there when me and the boys roll in? How have we never done shots together?”

“We’ll be there all night,” I remember saying back.

And we were. Well, I was. My roommate was too drunk to stand by 9 PM, so one of our other roommates took her home, laughing, and our other friends decided to go to a nearby frat that was having a party. I lingered at the bar over my rum and coke, hoping Micky would show up. I was just about to give up, when the door opened, and the entire lacrosse team (including Micky, who was one of their start players), tumbled through the door, already tipsy.

“Arieeeeeeeeel,” Micky said, spotting me the moment he came in. He sauntered over to me and gave me a huge hug. “Little mermaid giiiirl, what are you drinking?”

“Cherry rum and coke.”

“Oh, cherry, I didn’t even know they had that here. Is it good?”

“Delicious. You should try for yourself,” I said downing the last of my glass.

“Maybe I should.” He was close to me now. “Just a taste before I order one.”

And then he was kissing me, deeply, in the middle of the bar with his whole team watching. I think I melted into him and am sure I almost slipped off the bar stool, my pussy was so wet. His teammates laughed and shouted at us, which I would have thought would embarrass me, but was actually exhilarating.

“You’re right,” he said, pulling back slightly and whispering in my ear. “Delicious. You know, I think I have some cherry rum back at my place, if you want to get out of here. Drinks are overpriced at this place anyway.”

His hand was on the small of my back. I would have gone to the moon with him if he asked me to. So yeah… I was going to go back to his place with him.

His friends were teasing us as I put on my coat and he walked over to say goodbye.

“Great, I guess I have to hang out here for a while,” said Luke, the guy who shared his bedroom, with a smile.

“Hey, no one said that, if you’re tired…” Mickey teased right back.

“Yeah, Luke,” I said, walking over to the table. “If you really want, come back with us.” I gave the boys a coy smile, and they all laughed.

“Oh shiiiit,” I heard one of them say.

I don’t know what made me so cheeky and daring that night. Maybe the drinks, or maybe I was high on the idea that I was finally going to get into bed with Micky, who had been the star attraction of my fantasies for several months now.

Also, not to date myself too much, but these were the days before cell phones had the capacity to video or even take pictures in most cases. I don’t know if I would have invited an audience if they all could have whipped out their smart phones…

Micky’s hand was cupping my ass. “Jesus, tell me again why we haven’t hung out sooner?”

“I don’t know. But let’s head out… and if your friends here are interested, they’ll come along later. And if not… their loss.”

“Wait… friends? Are we all invited?” someone asked. But we didn’t hang around to answer. I was making a beeline for the door, and Micky was chasing me, probably kicking himself for not noticing the slightly-dorky girl in class sooner.

(To be continued – read from the beginning here)


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